Monday, March 28, 2016

DESIGN DIARY: March's Mask

With February's mask fresh in my mind, March's mask presented a unique challenge with a completely different flower and color scheme.

Reference Gathering:

I always begin by gathering references of different angles of the flowers, usually photos and botanical drawings to inform the shape of the flower.
Lady-of-march-ref-sheet-lowres by Angelic-Artisan

Using January's mask as a base, I arranged my main blossom elements on a template in Photoshop.  This time, I had two different alternate arrangements and decided to go with the more symmetrical layout.  I liked that blossoms on the side provide more interesting variations of shapes and also take up more space, especially when the stems are added into the design later.

Mark-mask-design-lowres by Angelic-Artisan
After the stems are added, the design looks something like the rough design below.  Then it was a matter of cleaning up the lines, figuring out where I want my lines to overlap each other, and printing them out for transfer.

Mark-mask-design-rough-design-lowres by Angelic-Artisan

Work-in-Progress Shots

March-mask-phase-1-lowres by Angelic-Artisan

March-mask-phase-2-lowres by Angelic-Artisan

March-mask-phase-4-lowres by Angelic-Artisan

March-mask-final-lowres by Angelic-Artisan
The final product:

A video turnaround of the finished mask:

A time lapse video of the mask's creation:

For more in-depth instruction with complete step-by-step narration, a materials list, etc., check out this Premium Video Tutorial featuring the creation of February's Mask.

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Because this is such an intense mask, only 10 of them will ever be made!

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