Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I’ve been looking forward to June’s mask for its simplistic color scheme and classical flower.  The Rose birth flower combines with the Pearl birthstone promises to be a lovely color scheme which is one of my favorite color schemes, white and red.
The biggest challenge with this mask was that there are a hundred ways to draw a rose.  I knew from the start I wanted the large, classical petals, but should they be hyper-stylized or realistic?

Mood Board

In the end, I went with something in-between stylized and realistic with an abstraction of the bloom centers to make carving easier on my hands.  I also settled with a layout that allows me to focus on a good mixture of petals versus leaf texture without being too busy.

Design Sketches

Process Gallery

Here are a few shots of the mask before and after it was tooled and baked.

June’s mask ended up being one of the more striking color palettes than I had first realized!  The contrast of the pearlescent underpainting with the red makes this mask stand out very much from the others.  I used a combination of iridescent taupe and white paint layered into the base color of the mask to replicate the look of a freshwater pearl.  Oh how very tempting it is to make endless variations of this mask with different colored roses!

The Finished Mask

This mask is available at my Etsy shop!

For more in-depth instruction with complete step-by-step narration, a materials list, etc., check out this Premium Video Tutorial featuring the creation of February's Mask.

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