Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Upcoming December Artisan Q&A

Hey, everyone! I usually do a 30 minute live broadcast for my Q&A sessions, but since the holidays are busy and I'm not sure I'll be able to broadcast from wherever we might end up, I'm doing a blog-hosted event instead!

A Couple of Changes

- The Patreon giveaway portion of the monthly sessions is now going to be held quarterly (during January, April, July, and October's monthly broadcasts).

I'm making decidedly less work now that I'm transitioning from a full time crafter to a full time illustrator and part-time crafter instead.  I don't want to run out of fun things to give you in the meantime!

- The Q&A sessions will still be held once a month as long as I have Patrons, even if I won't be giving away something each session.  That gives us more time for mini demos and questions!

How This Month's Session Will Work

- Leave me questions in comments here.  Ask me anything about crafting, life, and beyond!

- I'll answer them in a blog post at this journal here on the 25th!

 Have a great holiday season, everyone!


  1. Hmmm is there a series that you really want to try doing fanmasks for, but having attempted yet?

    1. Ohh good one Cait! I'll be sure to share my fanmake wishlist in response in the upcoming blog post. :3