Monday, October 6, 2014

Commission Seasons

Recently, I've started the practice of hosting 'commission seasons'.  As an artisan with a day job in freelance illustration, I really need to put a cap on the amount of orders I receive so that crafting doesn't add too much stress to my life.  This equals a happy, healthier me!

What is a 'commission season'?  It is a time of the year that I will open up a limited number of commission slots.  These slots can be taken up by custom work AND made-to-order items, which I will only have on offer during the time that these slots are open.  The minimum number of commission slots that I will have on offer is 10 at once (perhaps more, depending on how busy I am).

Outside of commission seasons my shop will only be stocking items that are ready to ship out immediately.

My planned commission seasons right now coincide with my busiest times of the year, Halloween (season opens in September) and Mardi Gras (season opens in January).  I may open commission seasons once every quarter (every 3 months), but this will depend on how busy I am with other endeavors.

To be instantly notified of my availability for custom work, be sure to sign up for my mailing list!

As always, I'm a sucker for really interesting ideas, so if you have one to share, I might take it on outside of a commission season if I really, really like it.  When in doubt, just drop me an email!

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